Black cat and Chinki

Deshna Mohanty
2 min readMar 31, 2021

Have you ever come across someone who is not superstitious, yet pauses for a minute upon being crossed over by a black cat? Well, I am that someone. In my defence, I pause not because I am scared that a black cat crossing paths with me are a bad omen for me, but I, a human being, could be a bad omen for the black cat. What if, the cat thought to itself, “arey ye chinki firse mera rasta kaat rahi hai!!!!”

So, for anybody who witnesses this, I may appear to be superstitious, but it is not me, it is the cat that is. Do you want to know why I think unusually when it comes to superstition?

Well, back in 2018, a murder was committed in the adjacent building. The girl and her mother were under arrest for killing a 13-year-old because they thought ‘she was possessed.’ They hammered her head with a metal pipe to drive away from the spirit. The girl fell unconscious and later succumbed.

Heck, they even convinced her mother that she was possessed. Reason? The girl watched lots of television.

I will not dive into the details, but I knew the mother-daughter duo from a distance. Not only were they neighbours, but the daughter is my senior from high school.

I remember how mom forbid my entry into temples if I had had non-veg the same day. I remember how during my 10th boards, I sneezed just while stepping out, and dad asked me to pause. I reminisce the days when I had long, thick and dense hair and I would love flaunting it in front of the mirror in the evening. Mom would come yelling asking me not to untie my hair post it getting darker outside. However, fast forward to 2018’s incident, all that I can say is, if that was superstitious, then I am just a little stitious!